Beaven's Martial Arts
Grandmaster Beaven has taught TaeKwonDo for over 30 years.
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                     Every month we work on our Taekwondo Forms and Basics

There will be a $20 late fee for anyone 10 days late on payment. Thank You!
Remember to call, Check FB or check here if the roads and parking lot are snow or ice covered to see if we are open. If we are closed during the week everyone will get a class.

April - Jujitsu Month
April 3rd & 4th - Test Days All Color Belts & Little Dragons
April 4th - Master Beaven gets left knee replaced. Black Belts thank you for your support and all that you do.
April 8th - All Padded Weapons 9 - 10:00, Forms Class 10 - 11:00
April 10th & 11th - (You & Me) class
April 10th thru 13th - “Big & Lil Dragons”
April 15th - No Classes Close For Easter Holiday
April 22nd - Sport Weaponry (All Padded) 9-10 Forms Class 10-11am. Taekwondo Bootcamp 4-7pm
​April 29th - No Classes ( Black Belt Testing)

May - Sparring Month
​May 1st & 2nd -Test Days All Color Belts & Lil Dragons
​May 6th - Sport Weaponry ( Nunchaku) 9-10am,  Forms Class 10-11am ,  Senior Masters Promotion 12-3:30pm
​May 8th - All Sparring Gear Orange Belts And Above
​May 8th & 9th - "You & Me Class" White Belt Classes Only
May 8th thru 11th - "Big & Little dragons"
May 13th - Sport Weaponry (Nunchaku) 9-10, Forms 10-11am, Interact Meeting 11:30am-12:30pm
May 20th - Sport Weaponry (Nunchaku) 9-10am, Forms Class 10-11am
May 27th - Sport Weaponry (Nunchaku) 9-10am, Forms Class 10-11am, Taekwondo Bootcamp 4-7pm

* Students can only have boot camp and 4 classes 4 times a year and be able to test.  You can do all the boot camps you want but after 4 boot camps you have to have 8 classes